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fuse member tzer

Therese "T-zer" Sahlin

T-zer is a versatile and expressive dancer known for her high energy as a host and project manager.

Michel "Mich" Mleczkovicz

Mich is in his essence in the couple dance scene where he loves exchanging experience and travel around the world to dance.

fuse member michi
fuse member annosh

Anna "Annosh" Malmer

Annosh is a passionate dancer and project manager who has her base in hip hop and her heart in the community.

Malcolm "Mally" Kente

Mally is an all-round dancer and software developer with a deep passion for hip hop culture. 

fuse member mally
fuse member azi

Azi "Freaki Zi" Nouiem

Freaki Zi is a casual perfectionist with his work as a filmmaker, photographer, and dancer.

Joseph "Llion Joe" Amegatcher

Llion Joe is a not so average “Joe” with a passion for the creation of dance, editing, drawing, and tech.

fuse member joe
fuse member eduardo

Luis Eduardo "Dudu" Manuel

Dudu is a real lover of culture with a portfolio that contains everything from samba, Afro-Brazilian dance, breaking, acrobatics, and his biggest love: Capoeira.

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